Please read these terms and conditions with utmost care, these are not your usual conditions that you can skip.


Below are the terms and conditions stated for the consignee to sell their pre-loved articles on


Both Parties i.e. the Consignee & Refind agree to deliver on the below obligations in line with the specified due date, using key messages, and required handles, tags and links.

Duties and Obligations of the Consignee : 

  1.   The Consignee  will disclose all necessary information about all products with complete honesty best to their knowledge. (eg: condition of the clothes, MRP, Brand of the clothes, etc.)
  2.   The Consignee agrees to provide Refind with the list of pictures for each piece they would like to sell.
  3.   The Consignee is to promote their products for 2 days with Refind’s Social media handles tagged (beginning from the day of their pieces going live). 
  4. Clothes must be cleaned and ironed before clicking pictures for accurate evaluation of products


  1.  The Consignee  agrees to respect all information shared with them and maintain confidentiality.


 Duties and obligations of Refind: 

  1. Refind will incur the following costs upon agreement: 
  • Transportation cost (to and fro) – The pieces will be picked up from   The Consignee       ’s address by Refind


  • Dry cleaning – Refind takes all responsibility to ensure Dry Cleaning and sanitation of all garments before shipment.


  • Covid-Safe Delivery – Refind Ensures that it’s delivery partners take utmost care in performing a responsible delivery with the pandemic in mind.


  • Packaging costs – Sustainable Packaging with minimal waste production.


  1. Refind agrees to produce all creative content and media surrounding the launch with The Consignee’s pieces. And will promote it to the best of their capacity.  
  2. For all the services provided by Refind, they will be entitled to a 40% commission on each sale made.



Agreed upon activity – Resale of garments and accessories.


The step by step process of Selling with Refind will be written below:

  1. The Consignee has full rights to choose what they would like to sell with Refind. They will convey these products to us by using the “Add product” option in their vendor dashboard. Any damages to any products must be disclosed in the pictures added to the product listing and all other details must be disclosed for an effective evaluation.
  2. Refind reserves the right to choose which products they would accept from  The Consignee based on their brand image and customer demands.
  3. After approval of the pieces, Refind reserves the final right to price the products, while considering the lowest and highest price provided by the consignee.
  4. Once a minimum of 5 pieces have been approved by Refind’s team, the Consignee will be able to place a pick up.
  5. The pieces will then be collected from  The Consignee’s given address and stored in our warehouse.
  6. Refind will create and post content upto 3 days prior to the sale to build hype. 
  7. Once the sale is live, whichever pieces have been ordered will be immediately sent for dry cleaning.
  8. Within 14 days, Refind will finish delivering all orders and will also pay   The Consignee        her part within this time limit.
  9.  The products will be given a One Year time after which if they don’t sell, they’ll be sent back or donated (upto The Consignee ).


Exclusivity Terms:

  The Consignee is exclusively signed with Refind for the purposes of resale for 2 months since the commencement of the collaboration and has the option to have multiple sales with us.


Payment Terms: 

Payment of 60% to be made to  The Consignee via bank transfer or Gpay upon completion of collaboration within 14 days, before accruing 10% interest weekly.

Usage of Content

These images sent by the   The Consignee can be used on Instagram posts, stories, website, ads, packaging notes or any similar platforms by Refind. 

Terms for termination of Contract:

  1.  Any damaged products sent without our acknowledgement would result in cessation of future collaborations. Such products will not be sent back on Refind’s expense and should be collected back by   The Consignee within 15 days.
  2.  In case of failure to meet the above obligations and early termination,   The Consignee             must pay Refind all expenses incurred like pickup fee, dry cleaning charges, etc.



I,  The Consignee  , have read the terms and conditions mentioned carefully and agree to the terms given above. 

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10 May 2020