A: It’s the act or process of buying second hand or preloved pieces to reduce one’s carbon footprint and to bag some steals. In our words “It’s treasure Hunt”!

A: Research is key, start simple and swap and few clothes with your friends and cousins. Then, try to find a thrift store whose vibe matches yours and go for it! At Refind, we wish to serve our customers with the widest range possible hence have multiple trendy pieces.


A: Refind is one of the first Indian thrifting platforms, we provide you with the service to clean out your wardrobe and sell with us. Items that you would like to sell with us are then bought by other thrifters who cherish and love them.

A: One must research about the sanitation and dry cleaning process of the given thrift store to ensure themselves of how clean and safe is it to buy from them. At Refind, We follow a thorough dry clean procedure to make sure all your pieces are delivered to you with the utmost safety and hygiene.

A: Yes, you absolutely will. And our prices will be a cherry on top!


What’s your best thrift shopping tip? 

  • A: Make sure that you are getting the correct size.
  • that it’s a thrift store you can put your trust in.
  • Look for authentic reviews and it’s always a bonus if they are plastic free!

A: One and only don’t of thrifting: Never buy pieces only because the prices are low, try to be a conscious buyer.

A: Its 3 very basic steps, make an account with us, upload all your products, once your products are approved, pack them and request for a pickup!

A: Directly get into contact with them via messaging them directly or by emailing them. You can email us at [email protected]

A: Yes! We use only paper-based packaging materials to ensure a minimal waste production. We ship our packages in reusable envelopes and send you a thank you card made of seed paper (mixed seeds). The seed paper completely disintegrates in the soil and will give you multiple veggies and flowers ideal to grow in any environment.

A: The benefits are endless! It saves you a lot of money, the planet loves it, you get unique and vintage styles and it fights fast fashion. 


A: Fun fact, almost 90% thrift stores boomed during the period of Covid-19, at the end of the day we wish you take your personal precautions while receiving packages. At Refind, we ensure maximum safety and dry clean and sanitize each piece.

A: This depends on the thrift store, but most thrift stores have a no return policy. Refind currently has a no return policy.

A: Refind has a special team dedicated to quality checks and pricing, we try to keep prices as low as possible for our amazing customers!

A: Thrift store shopping is like treasure hunting, whatever your size is, you may and may not find it. 

A: Anything and everything that can be worn, excluding infant clothing and lingerie. 

A: Feel free to ask us anything and everything at our Instagram or you could mail us your query at [email protected]

A: At Refind, we never compromise on hygiene and safety of our pieces, they are dry cleaned by experts and packed safely.

A: At Refind, we never compromise on hygiene and safety of our pieces, they are dry cleaned by experts and packed safely.

A: We source them from Export Surplus Markets, local flea markets and from consumers who sell with us. 

A: You can ask us anything about it, we can send you more pictures of it, extra measurements and other details if required.