About Us

Refind is India’s first thrifting platform of it’s kind. Launched in August, 2020 with a sole objective to normalize buying second hand or pre-loved pieces while also keeping the quality and sustainability aspects at our core.

The untold stories of the fast fashion and the clothing industries and their effects on the environment is what made our Founder, Mahnaz Gul, start Refind in the first place and help consumers build a more ethical wardrobe.
The power of thrifting majorly revolves around prolonging the life of a cloth which helps in reducing major carbon footprints and the list of why it is vital in saving the environment goes on.
At Refind you can shop trendy thrifted clothing from the best of curators & be a part of this journey of being a conscious consumer and building an ethical wardrobe.




Find it

Discover the thrill of finding one-of-a-kind pieces at out-of-this-world prices.

Flaunt it

Show off your secondhand clothes with pride, knowing you saved money and the planet.

Set it free

Feel good about releasing your unwanted clothes to thrifters who will love them.